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Hello, I'm Chris Malikoff. I'm a freelance city/landscape photographer and IT professional living and working in beautiful Tasmania. "Omaroo" is the name I've given to two properties I've previously owned, the first in the Cooma/Monaro snowies region of NSW and one here in northwest Tasmania - the word coming from the Aboriginal term for "a beautiful view". It seemed like an apt name.

I've decades of experience in the photographic, publishing and IT sectors under my belt, so if experience is worth anything these days I'd like to think that I have it in spades.


Starting as a keen young amateur photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing far away lands as my family travelled worldwide with my parents' work which took us all over this little planet.


During the early 90's as project manager for Quickcut Prepress Network (now Adstream), I became intrinsically involved in the publishing industry's move from analogue techniques to full digital as that technology evolved, developing both the QuickPrint and PageStore systems in cooperation with Neville Jeffress Advertising, News Ltd and Fairfax Group in the role of Special Projects Manager. I was directly involved in investigating, developing and then moving large Australian newspapers and magazines (ACP Magazines) over to fully digital workflows for their advertising divisions, changing literally hundreds of years of tradition to new desktop publishing and electronic advertising delivery tech.


For the last 22 years, I've been on the same path as IT/Development director for Digital Ads International , and more recently developed and deployed the very successful “SENDlite” ad delivery and "BUILDlite" ad build portals as used within the Domain Group, News Corp Australia, The West and Metro Media Publishing.


Now, I've more or less broken away on my own, and for the first time would like to offer new clients appropriate services when they're looking for bespoke print-ready photography, print and digital workflow consultancy as well as fully functional e-commerce websites for any purpose. 

 As of late, I base myself in a motorhome as well as a 12m cruising yacht, and travel extensively whilst on land in a small Suzuki Jimny to both enjoy and photograph the landscalwonders that Tasmania offers its visitors for business and pleasure. My main goal is to promote Tasmania's land and sea travel credentials as a whole, and to provide local businesses a way to enhance their image and promote themselves as desirable tourist destinations via unique websites and photography presentation. 

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